There are multiple ways to replace missing teeth and dental bridge is one with natural looking results. A dental bridge can fill in an empty section of more than one missing teeth. Dental bridges are custom made depending on the patient needs.

Many people wonder when they can go for a tooth bridge. A tooth or dental bridge is a great and cost effective solution when you’ve a missing tooth or teeth, when you are looking to improve your chewing ability, when you are searching for a more reliable solution than dentures, or when you are suffering from jaw joint or bite issues that involve teeth shifting. Stevenson is the premium tooth bridge Oshawa clinic that will take care of every dental issue for you.

Tooth Bridge Cost

At Stevenson Dental Care, you don’t have to worry about tooth bridge cost. We deliver the most economical solution in the form of dental bridges which are permanent unlike dentures. We ensure that you receive the highest quality dental bridge that increases the stability of the surrounding teeth. Our low cost dental bridge solution gives you better chewing ability as well as prevents future dental issues.

Dental Bridge Repair

Although bridges are generally durable, after a certain period of time depending on the amount of care and use, they may require replacement or repair because of everyday wear and tear. If you are looking for the best solution, you can go for cosmetic dental implant.