A dental emergency can happen any time and it almost always ends up being excruciatingly painful. Stevenson is an emergency dental clinic Oshawa where you can walk in any receive prompt treatment for a wide range of dental issues including toothaches, swollen jaws, sore gums, dental repair, root canal therapy, repair of loose or damaged fillings, and cracked tooth.

Our staff is ready and professionally equipped to handle dental emergencies and provide relief to patients at an affordable price. Patients can also schedule further appointments to ensure their treatment is going in the right direction and they’re getting effective results.

Emergency Dentists Oshawa

Stevenson Dental Care is home to highly skilled, experienced, and hardworking dental professionals who are ever ready to deal with a variety of emergencies. Our dentists provide every patient with highest quality diagnosis and treatment giving them immediate relief. You don’t necessarily have to be our registered patient, emergency dental services are offered to anyone who is having a bad teeth day.

Are you searching for an emergency dental clinic in Oshawa?

If you are, Stevenson Dental Care will welcome you with a staff ready to treat your dental ailment right away. From high quality dental equipment to experienced dentists to helpful supportive staff, we’ve got you covered for every dental emergency you may face. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us and our customer rep would be more than happy to answer your questions.