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June 11, 2019

Oshawa, Canada – Stevenson Dental Care took a giant leap as it announced to provide emergency dental services. While emergency medicine is prevalent in all hospitals, dental emergency care is most often neglected. It is high unlikely to come across a dental care centre providing emergency dental care.

Usually dental procedures are lengthy and require an appointment before. However, a person can get afflicted with dental problems almost unexpectedly. Problems like a sudden excruciating tooth ache, swollen jaws, sore gum, and cracked tooth are too painful to bear and require urgent consultation from a good dentist.

At Stevenson dental care, you will find expert staff that is professionally equipped, highly qualified and trained to handle dental emergencies. Our clinic is certified under the internationally accepted standards to provide emergency oral health care services. While some other dental care centers charge exorbitantly high, we provide state-of-the-art emergency dental care services at a very affordable price.

A preliminary oral examination is carried out as soon as the patient seek consultation at Stevenson Dental Care so that they can get rid of the agonizing pain. In sensitive cases, digital low radiation X-rays is carried out to make a quick diagnosis.

As soon as the diagnosis is made, immediate steps are taken to provide treatment which may require extractions (plucking a severely damaged tooth), dental fillings, sealants and bonding. If patients are diagnosed with serious dental care problems that require performing a root canal therapy, dental implants or periodontal treatment, an appointment is scheduled for the future. Nevertheless, we ensure to keep a follow-up of the treatment provided in emergency.

One of the leading concerns of patients seeking emergency dental services is finances. This concern often act as a major barrier that deters a patient from seeking dental care. Stevenson dental care offers multiple payment modes for the convenience of the patients, especially those who need emergency dental treatment. They have carefully drafted plans and pricing policies that make it highly affordable for the general public to seek dental treatments. To the surprise of many patients, teeth whitening services are provided for free.

About the Company

Stevenson Dental Care is a credible dental clinic is Oshawa, Canada.  Bringing the highest quality dental services and treatments through best dentists, the staff is highly qualified and have hands on experience in dentistry. In case of emergency you can also seek professional advice from our dental experts.

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September 27, 2018

Oshawa, Canada – After a successful launch of their website to facilitate the clients with easy appointments and quick access, the acclaimed dental care providers, Stevenson’s announce family dentistry plans for people of all ages in Oshawa. The plans are especially intended to spread oral health awareness in families and encourage them to visit a specialist on a regular basis.

Stevenson Dental Care has employed certified dentists from around Canada to provide optimal oral health care in Oshawa. The organization especially crafts plans and pricing policies that are affordable to the general public giving them easy accessibility and alleviating the major factor that keeps them from seeing a dentist. These dentists provide complete oral healthcare services from regular check-ups to cosmetic fillings and implants as required. The organization is also working on providing insurance plans and claims for exclusive clients.

This all-inclusive family dentistry plan at Stevenson’s includes dental implants, root canal therapy, dentures, teeth whitening and scaling, and basic hygiene and prevention at competitive rates unlike the other dental clinics in the same locality. Stevenson’s also offers free online consultation by a specialist via email where the clients can drop their queries to be attended by a trained staff. Additionally, a teeth whitening kit for every new patient after the first examination is given away as a freebie and the motivation to continue maintaining a healthy oral care routine. The clinic also offers weekend appointments and exclusive care for disabled or special patients and is opened for appointments throughout the week except for Sunday, however, new patients can also register by filling online the open patient form provided on

The biggest challenge of a dental clinic is dealing with toddlers and kids with different attitudes, temperaments, and health conditions which keep the parents concerned and worried, hence playing a crucial role in evaluation of the services. Stevenson claims to possess a qualified staff with experience and training in required fields to ensure a suitable specialist attends the patient and premium services are delivered.

About Stevenson Dental Care:

Operated and certified under the internationally accepted standards, Stevenson’s is based in Oshawa, Canada to provide oral health care services by qualified and certified dentists to people of all ages in a family. It is contributing to improve oral health and spread awareness through affordable individual and family plans, insurance policies, and claims.termpaperwriter org