When you tooth nerve is infected, root canal treatment is necessary to keep the tooth instead of removing it. Keeping the tooth is important as it helps in preventing other teeth from drifting out and resulting in other dental and oral issues. Root canal treatment allows you to save your natural tooth rather than replacing it with an artificial one. If you have infected or damaged pulp in the roots of one or more of your teeth, root canal treatment may become necessary.

If you are experiencing severe toothache while chewing, your tooth hurts for quite a long time if exposed to hot or cold temperatures, your tooth is darkening or facing discoloration, or if there is dental abscess, it may point to the need for root canal treatment.

At Stevenson Dental Care we are root canal specialists with years of experience. From initial diagnosis to the final root canal treatment, our professionals provide you the highest quality treatment and post-treatment service you can get in Oshawa. All of our services come at a reasonable price to ensure that root canal treatment doesn’t break your bank.