Tooth Fairy

Hey there, you must have heard about me from your parents! I am the Tooth Fairy! It’s great to meet you. Like other kids I’ve met before, you must have a lot of questions for me. Am I right? So, let me tell you about myself a little bit. There are different types of fairies that come from heavens above and they all have different jobs. As a Tooth Fairy, my job is to make sure that you and other kids keep their teeth clean and super healthy. I also have another job! When you lose your baby teeth to make room for grown-up ones, like Santa and the Easter Bunny I secretly come into your room while you are asleep and leave a beautiful present under your pillow! And what do I do with the tooth? I take it back to the Fairy Land to keep it safe!

Let me tell you something. Losing a tooth isn’t something to be afraid of. We all lose teeth, yes even fairies! When you are growing up, you can lose your tooth for many reasons. Like making room for grown-up teeth, getting bumped into something hard, or a dentist taking them out to make sure everything is healthy inside your mouth. I collect all your teeth! But I really really hope you never lose teeth because of accidents, injury, or dental illness! That’s why it is really important you take care of your teeth.

Just like you take showers and stay safe to keep your body clean and healthy, you also need to take care of your teeth the similar way. And you know what? It is super easy to do that. Simply make sure you brush your teeth two times a day, when you wake up and when you are about to go to bed. And eat foods that are friends of your teeth, for example, fruit, veggies, cheese, chicken, and turkey. One more thing! Go to a dentist at least once in every six months. If you don’t know when you are going to see a dentist, ask your mum and dad when the next appointment is. Dentists, like me, are friends of your teeth. They will take care of your dental health and make sure nothing bad happens!

Promise Tooth Fairy you will visit a dentist. Am I hearing a promise? Good job! I’ll soon be there with a gift!

Lots of love 🙂
Tooth Fairy