Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride is used to prevent tooth decay by making teeth more resilient against plaque, bacteria, and sugars. With the fluoride treatments, we can help strengthen the outer layer of your teeth and fight cavities. Fluoride applications after teeth cleanings typically make dental work last longer and can help to prevent tooth decay.

Fluoride for Kids

Fluoride treatment for kids is a necessity. It is imperative that fluoride is administered when permanent teeth are coming in, as it helps strengthen developing teeth. Research shows that fluorides, whether from fluoride treatments, fluoride rinses, or toothpaste, are an integral part of preventing tooth decay.

Fluoride for Adults

You are never too old to benefit from a fluoride dental treatment.  Adults with health issues such as gum disease, dry mouth conditions, etc. are at a higher risk for tooth decay. Fluoride treatments can help provide added protection.

Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are protective, composite seals placed over the crevices in the teeth where decay most often starts. They have proven successful in preventing cavities. Stevenson Dental Care suggest considering sealants for kids, as it can be difficult to monitor their tooth brushing.

The CDA maintains that dental sealants for kids and adults are both safe and effective.

At Stevenson Dental Care, we review your oral health and eating habits to decide whether sealants are recommended for you and your children (even adults can benefit from a tooth sealant).

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